10 Hottest Zip Codes in Salt Lake County

For most homeowners, finding their ideal home is not just about having a perfect house but also ensuring the neighborhood gives them access to an abundance of outdoor activities, healthcare, and education for their children. Salt Lake County is home to many great schools, points of interest, and gorgeous vistas, with plenty of fun things to keep you entertained. If you are looking for a home in the Salt Lake area and are not sure where to begin looking, this list can help you get started. Here are 10 zip codes in Salt Lake County that are the hottest on the market right now. 

1. 84118

At the top of the list for hottest zip codes in Salt Lake City is 84118, with a median housing price of $440,000 and 322 sales this year, making it one of the more affordable areas in Salt Lake County. Residents can enjoy the proximity and access to the downtown area and the neighboring South Valley Regional Airport. Furthermore, those who love outdoor concerts and performances can head over to the USANA Amphitheater for some fun weekend events throughout the year. If you are looking for a place close to the center of the city with plenty of things to do nearby, this could be the area for you. 

2. 84120

Next on this list of hot areas in Salt Lake for home buyers and sellers is 84120 in the West Valley City area, with a median house price of $465,000 and 271 sales this year. Living here puts you close to plenty of major shopping centers such as Walmart, Target, and Lowe’s, as well as bargain stores like Burlington’s. You can also make your way to Lake Park Blvd and enjoy the lush golf course at Stonebridge Golf Club or take some lessons on scuba diving at Rocky Mountain Aquatics. Of course, that’s not all there is to love if you decide to settle down in this area.

3. 84044

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Salt Lake City, 84044 has seen 250 sales with a median housing price of $440,000 this year and is perfect for outdoor lovers. Living in these neighborhoods gives you plenty of hiking options within reach, like Nelson and Clipper Peaks, in addition to several parks throughout the area for individuals and families to enjoy. Locals also love the Empress Theater and its host of well-known classical plays and musicals, while airplane enthusiasts can head over to Salt Lake City Model Plane Airport. 

4. 84020

Those who love hiking in their free time will be pleased to know that 84020 has many hiking trails nearby to keep them occupied, such as Bear Canyon Spring, Outlaw Cabin, and South Maple Hollow Trailhead. Located in the southeast corner of Salt Lake County with a median price of $910,000 and 244 sales this year, this is definitely on the expensive side of the city. That said, there is plenty to do, as dog owners can enjoy some time in the sun with their furry pals at Draper Dylan Dog Park, while those looking for thrills and puzzles can try their luck at Alcatraz Escape games. You will find plenty of shopping options and restaurants like Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out nearby. 

5. 84106

If you value convenience for work, school, or shopping, 84106 puts you close to downtown Salt Lake City with easy access to I-80 to get around the city. The area has all your staple fast-food chains with plenty of local eateries and breweries like Salazar’s Cafe and The Brickyard Bar to mix things up. With a sizable shopping district at the center of the area, you won’t need to go very far to find just about anything you need. 84106 has had 242 sales with a median housing price of $645,000 this year, with many public schools in the area, making it an ideal location to raise a family. 

6. 84065

Located south of downtown Salt Lake City is 84065, another residential area with a median housing price of $705,000 that has seen 225 sales this year. You have all your staple shopping centers and eateries within close reach, as well as local favorites like Jim’s Family Restaurant. There is also an abundance of churches and schools nearby, making this a great place for families to settle in. 

7. 84092

If hiking trails and mountain views are what you look forward to the most, 84092 places you right at the base of mountains in the southeast corner of the county with endless amounts of hiking trails and places to explore. The area has seen 225 sales this year alone, with a median house price here being $839,000. If you take Route 210, you will find many different trails that lead to different parts of the mountain, with some beautifully photogenic places such as Temple Quarry Ruins and the Great White Icicle. For campers, there are plenty of campgrounds in the area that you can enjoy on the weekends and holidays. 

8. 84105

If you love living downtown, 84105 puts you at the center of it all, with a median price of $739,000 and 192 sales this year. In addition to the convenience of living near the center of the city, you can find plenty of great restaurants like Bricks Corner Pan Pizzas & Cocktails or Hub and Spoke Diner. People who prefer to spend time outdoors can head on over to Liberty Park or take their pets along with them to Herman Frank’s Dog Park. Students at Westminster College will also benefit from being close to the university and plenty of shopping and activities nearby to keep them occupied. 

9. 84088

Another hot spot for home buyers and sellers in Salt Lake County is 84088, with a median house price of $575,000 that has seen 189 sales this year. College students can enjoy proximity to Salt Lake Community College’s Jordan Campus, with plenty of shopping and activities nearby, such as the Nike Factory Store, Altitude Trampoline Park, and AMC West Jordan. You won’t have to travel far to find what you need. 

10. 84119

Last but not least is 84119, with 189 sales this year and $443,000 as the median housing price. Residents in these neighborhoods enjoy easy access to many of the major highways in the city for easier commutes and plenty of shopping and dining options, such as Costco, Hobby Lobby, and Cracker Barrel. For those looking for a fun way to go out and watch a movie with friends or family, head on over to Redwood Drive-in Theater for fun drive-in movie showings. 

Check out these hot zip codes in Salt Lake County to see where everyone is moving to!

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