Best Places To Cut Your Own Holiday Tree In Salt Lake

The holiday season has arrived, and what better way to welcome the festivities than by doing a cherished family tradition of choosing and cutting your own holiday tree? From the natural imperfections of the branch to the daily mess of falling needles to the amazing scent that fills your home, it’s these elements that make your holiday truly authentic.

In our county, whether you’re looking for a charming pine or cozy spruce to adorn your home, you’re spoiled for choice. These farms offer not only an impressive selection of trees but also an opportunity to enjoy the beginning of the festive season surrounded by the scent of fresh pines. Read on to discover the public places where you can cut your own tree and the top U-cut tree farms in and around Salt Lake.

Public Lands

National Forest and Bureau of Land Management areas around Utah allow you to cut down your own tree with a permit. Here are the permits you can purchase if you want to cut down a tree on public lands in Salt Lake.

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Christmas Tree Permit

This permit allows you to cut a tree within designated areas of Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Each area has limitations on the size of the tree you can cut and the species of tree that are permitted.

Evanston/Mt. View Ranger Districts

  • Permits are $20 per household. It’s available at The Evanston Ranger District office, Mt. View Ranger District office, and
  • Permits allow an up to 20-foot tree and any species of tree may be cut but Lodgepole pine is the main species in the area.
  • Snow conditions may require permit holders to use snowmobiles, skis, 4-wheel drive, or snowshoes to access the cutting area.
  • Cutting is not allowed in the Lily Lake Cross Country Ski Area.

Heber-Kamas ranger District

  • Permits are $20 and allow one tree per person. It’s available at the Kamas office, Heber office, and
  • Only Subalpine trees, 20 feet tall or shorter may be cut.

Logan Ranger District

  • Permits are $20 per tree and will go on sale online only through
  • Harvesting trees is not permitted in heritage locations such as the Old Ephraim’s grave and Tony Grove historical nursery area.
  • It’s also not permitted in research areas like the T.W. Daniels Experimental Forest and the seasonal house area from First Dam to Woodcamp along Highway 89 in Logan Canyon

Salt Lake Ranger District

  • Permits are $20 per tree and will go on sale online only through
  • The only species that can be cut is Juniper.
  • The cutting area is only on the Stansbury Mountain Range in Tooele County.

Salt Lake Field Office

You can purchase a permit to cut down Christmas trees on the Bureau of Land Management public land at the Salt Lake Field Office. Permits are $10 each with a limit of two permits per household. You can only cut down Juniper and Pinyon Pine trees. 

Additionally, this permit is valid only for the removal of trees less than 20 feet tall. The Salt Lake Field Office is located at 491 John Glenn Road in Salt Lake City. For more information, visit the Online Forest Product Permits page, call 801-320-8300, or email [email protected].

Christmas Tree Farms

If you are feeling a little less adventurous, you can visit one of these convenient U-cut tree farms and still enjoy the beloved holiday tradition with your family.

Robinson Sawmill and Christmas Tree Farm

6262 W Old Hwy Rd, Morgan, UT 84050

(801) 791-5135

Robinson Sawmill, located approximately 33 miles north of Salt Lake City, is a family-owned and operated timber business in Morgan. You’ll find a diverse selection of varieties and sizes at their Christmas tree farm.

Among the offerings, you can choose from Alpine Fir and Colorado Blue Spruce, both native to the region. With tree sizes ranging from 6 to 14 feet, there’s definitely something for everyone. They also provide essential tools like a hand saw to make your experience more convenient and easier. 

Trees are priced at $60 this year, making it a reasonable and great option for families seeking the full holiday tradition without venturing into the forest to cut their own holiday tree.

Adam’s Acres Tree Farm

7721 W Hwy 30, Petersboro, UT 84325

(801) 808-5745

Adam’s Acres Tree Farm is located a little over an hour’s drive north of the city. While their inventory is limited this year, they are still committed to ensuring a delightful experience for all of their visitors. This year, they’ve primarily cultivated stunning 6-7 foot tall Blue Spruce and Douglas Fir trees, with a few remaining trees that are over 10 feet tall. 

Tree pricing this year is $100 for Blue Spruce (6-7 footers with prickly branches), $100 for Douglas Fir (6-7 feet tall, rustic tree with soft branches), $50 for Scotch Pine (they range up to 10 feet), and $150 for Douglas Fir trees that are more than 10 feet tall. With the limited inventory, the farm will implement a signup and reservation system. You can click here to do so.

Meldrum Christmas Tree Farm

2073 W Gentile St, Layton, UT 84041

(801) 544-3542

Less than a 30-minute drive north of the city, Meldrum Christmas Tree Farm is a charming holiday destination that will only be open on November 25th due to its limited supply of trees. Despite this, the farm offers an array of tree varieties to suit your preference, including Black Hills Spruce, Scotch Pine, Austrian Pine, and Colorado Blue Spruce.

Prices for the choose-and-cut trees vary depending on size and quality, with options ranging from $50 to $160. You can borrow a saw from the farm, or if you prefer, bring your own. Payment methods include cash, checks, or credit cards.

We’re fortunate to have several options when it comes to selecting the ideal holiday tree in and around Salt Lake. By visiting one of the county’s best tree farms, you’re not only bringing home the best centerpiece for your celebration but you’re also supporting a local farm, many of which have been passed down through generations.

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